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Interested in Medical Transcription?
Are you considering a career in medical transcription and need information on courses? This site has great information on a handful of courses available, including course materials, prices, along with other useful information for someone considering MT as a career.

For a list of schools approved by Medquist's Partners in Education Program, click here.
Great projects to keep the little ones busy over the summer!
Make paint, clay, chalk, candy, any many other fun things!!!

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MT Sites:
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MedTrans Email Group ***** A very friendly and informative group for students and new MTs!
MT Desk Get new terms and sample reports
Vanka's Medical Links for MTs
Kelley's Medical Transcription Page
Joy's Medical Transcription Links
Student Corner (MT Monthly) Subscription Information Free Information Pages

Grammar and Style Sites:
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Common Errors in English Compares affect/effect, accept/except, etc.
Common Mistakes and Tricky Choices Another comparison site for tricky situations
Punctuation Site
MedWord~Elements of Style Helpful Site!
Guide to Grammar and Writing
Using Commas
Grammar and Spelling Programs
GRAMBO ~ A Fun Grammar Test

Online Dictionaries:
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Online Medical Dictionary
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary - Thesaurus
Spellex ~ Medical Dictionary Spell Check
Online Scientific and Medical Dictionaries
MedicineNet ~ Medterms Medical Dictionary
OneLook Dictionary Search

Glossary/Terminology Sites: These links can also be found by specialty.
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Current Terms ~ HPI
AIDS Glossary
Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
Austin Heart ~ Terminology
Cardiac Glossary of Terms and Acronym Expansions
EMR Textbook ~ Dental Trauma Teeth numbers image (adults and children), fracture classifications, and a glossary!!
Dental Terminology
A Dictionary of Dental Terms
Glossary of Dental Terminology
Dental Terminology
Tooth Glossary
Dermatology Terminology
Ear Surgery Terms
Digestive/Gastrointestinal Terms
Urogynecology ~ Glossary of Terms
Respiratory Terms

Physician/Hospital Finders:
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AMA ~ Online Doctor Finder
Doctor Directory Search by specialty or state/city
Yahoo! Yellow Pages
Find a Hospital
Hospital Soup

Other Resources:
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NOAH: Health Topics and Resources
ICD9 Codes Searchable Database (Works Intermittently)
EICD Main Page ICD9 Database
Free Online ICD9/ICD9CM codes and Medical Dictionary Another free online ICD9 Database
National Library of Medicine's MEDLINEplus
Human Anatomy Online ~
MedWordList ~ Surgical Instruments
The Merck Manual
Gray's Anatomy Online

USPS ~ Zip Code Lookup
U.S. Cities Lookup

Medical Acronyms:
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Acronym Finder
Glossary of Terms and Acronym Expansions (Cardiology)
JDMD, Inc. Medical Abbreviations Glossary
TheBook Abbreviations Page
Urology Acronyms
Medical Degrees and Designations List of Credentials
National Nurse Search Nursing Credentials

Drug Sites: Some of these links are also listed by specialty.
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Index of medications and other useful information
OnHealth: Drug Database
Cardiac Medications
Hypertension Medications Medical References Medication List Medical References Diseases and Conditions List
Street/Slang Terms for Drugs
Online Dictionary of Street Drug Slang
Psychiatric Medications ~ Trade and Generic

Lab Sites:
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Pathology Handbook Fantastic Lab Site! (Personal favorite!)
Internet Pathology Lab for Medical Education
Lab Tests Online
List of Lab Tests
Comprehensive List of Procedures
Pharmacology/Clinical Trials - Links for MTs
Lab Test Interpretation
Explanation of INR
Medical Procedures, Laboratory Tests, and Reference Values - OMRS
Abbreviations for Diagnostic and Laboratory Tests
Guide to Clinical Laboratory Testing

Book Sites:
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mySimon Books Search Search different merchants for the best bargain! Fantastic Prices on NEW Books! by eBay
Health Professions Institute (HPI)

Fun and Games!:
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Typing Test
Another Typing Test
GRAMBO - A Fun Grammar Test
Test Your Medical Spelling Aptitude
Test Your Spelling Aptitude ~ Meditech
Transcription Test Anatomy Hangman Download Anatomy Hangman
Quia ~ Medicine Medicine-related Activities
Quia ~ Medical Transcription Medical Transcription-related Activities

Tools For MTs:

Word Expanders:
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Smartype ***** Personal Favorite! Available for both DOS (WP5.1) and Windows (Word 2000 and Word 2002)
Instant Text ~ Textware Solutions
Shorthand For Windows Download a Demo
UltimaShell Download a Demo
Bytescribe SwiftText Expander Download a Demo

Miscellaneous MT Tools/Sites:
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DataSAFE-SE File and eMail Security ~ Try it for Free!
Lil Red Notebook
The Sorcerer's Abacus Line Counting Program for MS Word
MedPen ~ MPCount Counting Tool for MS Word Free Program!
ByteSize Learning "ByteSize" Courses
Bytescribe WavPlayer
C.H.A.R.T.S.~Dictation and Transcription Equipment ***** Personal Favorite! Fantastic Prices!
Dictation and Transcription Superstore
The Original WAVpedal
The SmartBoard ***** Personal Favorite! Awesome Ergonomical Keyboard! Learn MS Word for Medical Transcription
Atomica - Informational Pop-Up Window
PSG: Tools for HIPAA Compliance The HIPAA-Kit: A Guide to Compliance is a road map to HIPAA compliance for medium to large providers.
The Transciption Assistant Comprehensive Medical Transcription Program

Medical Transcription Courses:
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For a list of schools approved by Medquist's Partners in Education Program, click here.

MT Certificate Program at Passaic County Community College (NJ)
CAI Transcription
Personal Edge ~ Complete MT Course
Medical Transcription A to Z
HPI ~ The SUM Program
Laird's School of Medical Transcription
M-TEC ~ Medical Transcription Education Center, Inc
Andrews School of Medical Transcription

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