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Medical Transcription Specialty Links by DEV
Last Updated: April 6, 2003
New For April ~ New Medical Transcription Links Added in April 2003
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National AIDS Treatment Information Project Informative Site!
Commonly Used Medications and News Updates Information Pages about HIV and AIDS
Database for Anti-HIV Compounds
AIDS Glossary of Medical Terminology
HIV Drugs Database
Glossary of HIV/AIDS-Related Terms
Patient Resources~AIDS/HIV
Mutations in Retroviral Genes Associated with Drug Resistance

Allergies/Immunologic Links:
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HON Allergy Glossary
HON Allergy Glossary ~ The Respiratory System
Allergies and Allergy Terminology (New Zealand)
Allergy Glossary

Anatomy Links:
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Physical Examination Study Guide

Anesthesia Links:
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Cardiovascular Links:
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Austin Heart ~ Terminology
Austin Heart ~ Cardiovascular Medications
Austin Heart ~ Cardiovascular Tests
Austin Heart ~ Cardiovascular Trial Studies
Outline of Interactive EKG
Circulatory System Tests
Cardiac Glossary of Terms and Acronym Expansions
Cardiac Medications
Hypertension Medications
HeartPoint Gallery
Cardiology ~ Sample Operative Reports
Reading Coronary Angiograms

Chiropractic Links:
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Dentistry Links:
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EMR Textbook ~ Dental Trauma Teeth numbers image (adults and children), fracture classifications, and a glossary!!
Dental Terminology
A Dictionary of Dental Terms
Glossary of Dental Terminology
Dental Terminology
Tooth Glossary
Dental Products and Supplies
Deciphering Dental Jargon

Dermatology Links:
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Dermatology Terminology

Endocrinology Links:
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ENT Links:
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Ear Surgery Terms
Anatomy of the External Ear
Ear Anatomy ~ Interactive Site
ENT ~ Sample Operative Reports
Ear Anatomy

Epidemiology Links:
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Dictionary of (Ecological) Epidemiology
Virtual Library~Epidemiology

Gastroenterology (gastrointestinal) Links:
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Digestive/Gastrointestinal Terms
Gastrointestinal Sample Operative Reports

Genitourinary Links:
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Urogynecology - Glossary of Terms
Urology ~ Sample Operative Reports
Urology Acronyms

Hematology Links:
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Hepatology Links:
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Infectious Disease Links:
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Musculoskeletal Links:
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Neurology Links:
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Neurosurgery ~ Sample Operative Reports

Obstetrics/Gynecology Links:
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Urogynecology - Glossary of Terms
OB/GYN ~ Sample Operative Reports
Sample Case Report 1
Sample Case Report 2
Sample Case Report 3
Sample Case Report 4
Sample Case Report 5

Oncology Links:
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Tumor TNM Staging Fantastic Explanations for Multiple Systems/Anatomy Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment
Skin Cancer Information

Ophthalmology Links:
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Ophthalmology ~ Sample Operative Reports
Eye Anatomy

Orthopedics Links:
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Orthopedic Sample Operative Reports

Physical Therapy Links:
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Psychiatry Links:
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DSM-IV Diagnoses and Codes
Psychiatric Protocols
Psychiatric Medications ~ Trade and Generic

Radiology Links:
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Respiratory Links:
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Sleep Apnea
Respiratory Terms
Pulmonary/Vascular ~ Sample Operative Reports
Pulmonary Function Testing

Surgical/Equipment Links:
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Surgical Instruments
Surgical Procedures, Operative (A List of Links)
MT Desk ~ Sample Operative Reports
Plastic Surgery ~ Sample Operative Reports
Overview of French scale ~ Catheters

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